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Highlights (video, 5:02) & TV trail (video, 30 sec)

Some of my favourite TV pieces are below:

News reports:

China's shadow banking:
Chasing the Chinese dream:
Burma: after the sanctions:
Fed "taper"/end of cheap money:
The company helping British businesses sell to China:
Could women be the key to turning around the Japanese economy?
Indonesian elections:
Australian mining: tour of massive mine

Longer pieces (8 minutes):

BBC One The Editors: When will the global and UK economies recover?
Abenomics: Has Japan's PM Abe's economic policy hit its target?

In studio reports:

China's economy: A re-balancing act:
The New Middle Class:
Fragile 5 emerging markets:
UK Autumn Statement and economic forecasts: 


I have presented a number of TV and radio programmes, including BBC Radio 4: Analysis, Today, and BBC World Service: The Inquiry, Business Daily, In the Balance, as well as documentaries, including Six Routes to a Richer World for BBC World Service/U.S. Marketplace. Select programmes are below.

I present a documentary on the 2016 U.S. elections: Linda for Congress broadcast from 1-8 February 2016 on BBC World Service The Documentary (audio, 27:00) on 3 February 2016. 

A clip of my stump speech is available from BBC Current Affairs (audio, 1:14).

     Part One: The Look (video, 6:14)

     Part Two: Getting the Message Right (video, 4:18)

     Part Three: The Campaign Team (video, 6:42)

     Part Four: The Voters (video, 2:57)

BBC News Youtube US Elections: How to be a Candidate

I present The Inquiry, BBC World Service (audio, 23:00):

"How did Venezuela go from so rich to so poor?" 11, 14-15 May 2017.     

"What would 'no deal' mean for Brexit Britain?" 31 January & 4 February 2017     

"Who wins in a cashless economy?" 20 & 25 September 2016     

"Are we really about to end world poverty?" 14 & 19 June 2016     

"Why are wages so low?" 8 & 13 March 2016     

"How much inequality is too much?" 5 & 10 January 2016     

"Should governments drop money out of helicopters?" 8 & 13 December 2015 

I present "Analysis" on Making the Invisible Visible, BBC Radio 4, 15 June 2015 & repeated on 21 June 2015.

"Talking Business with Linda Yueh" premiered on 4 October 2013 until 18 May 2015 on BBC World News & BBC News Channel as well as on BBC iPlayer. 

Select programmes below (video, 23:00 in duration).     

What makes an entrepreneur in the UK?, December 2013      

Gender & growth (Davos special with Sheryl Sandberg, Christine Lagarde, UN Women, Renault-Nissan CEO), January 2014     

Business of fashion (London Fashion Week), February 2014 

Property markets, March 2014     

Going digital, April 2014 

Islamic finance, July 2014     

Business of movies in China, September 2014 

How an economy fares after a coup (Thailand), November 2014     

Is Abenomics working?, December 2014     

Diversity dividend (Davos special), January 2015

I front the "Next Billionaires" series on BBC Global News that launched on June 14th, 2014 with a special half hour programme broadcast from 16-22 August 2014.

I co-present "Your Money" on BBC World Service from Hong Kong with Paul Lewis from Shanghai, China, 13 November 2013.

I present the flagship programme, 'Working Lives,' during the Singapore Direct season on BBC Global News from 21 October to 1 November 2013 on BBC World News and Repeated from 22-25 August 2014. 

I fronted 'The New Middle Class' series on BBC Global News: BBC World News and BBC World Service, that launched on June 19th, 2013 and wrapped up with a special half-hour programme that I presented from China on August 3rd, also seen on the UK's BBC News Channel. Catch it on air & online at

I present "Economic Edge" on Bloomberg TV, select episodes (video, around 21:00 in duration):  

Central bank inaction  

Future of the Euro Zone  

New era in the euro crisis  

Marshall plan for the euro area  

Emerging economies vs the West  

Answers for Europe  

London Olympics during a recession  

Pimco's then co-CEO Mohamed El-Erian    

Economic lessons from the past  

Bank of England's boost to lending

"The Economy and Yueh" Bloomberg TV special where a panel of leading economists answer the key economic questions shaping 2012 and how it will affect you: What's next for the euro debt crisis? Is there a solution within reach? Will there be a global double dip recession in 2012? Will there be a repeat of 2008? And, a bull/bear debate on the US dollar, gold, European investments & China as the world engine of growth. My guests were: Gerard Lyons, Chief Economist of Standard Chartered, the world's most accurate forecaster according to Bloomberg, Larry Hatheway, Chief Economist of UBS, and John Llewelyn, founder of Llewelyn Consulting & advisor to HM Treasury. Broadcast from 26 December to 2 January 2012.


I present a series of podcasts (video & audio) for the University of Oxford at:

My broadcasts for NPR's Marketplace:

Interviews: More recent interviews are found on my homepage.